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Indoor and Outdoor Sports & Entertainment
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The BORN Advantage Acquisition Listing Platform aims to be the "Largest Clearing House of Intellectual Property in the World" offering speculators, portfolio managers, business opportunity seekers, licensors, inventors, active and passive business owners, wholesalers, distributors, retailers and entrepreneurs a centralized venue to research, list, and acquire intellectual property licenses representing over 335 unique projects, products and services with 100,000+ individual licensing possibilities worth billions in asset value. Those who acquire the exclusive licensing rights to such projects through this listing gateway earn the exclusive end-user licensing fees associated with the sale of the underlying products and services on a perpetual royalty commission basis.

Utilizing the same business licensing concepts currently used by large corporations like Microsoft, Apple, IBM, McDonald's, Coca Cola, Pepsi, and Amazon, the BORN seeks to offer typical baby boomers an ideal equity and income boost to their portfolios that rivals even the best "traditional products" offered by the typical financial institution, financial advisor, or local bank. Finally, ordinary people have the opportunity to participate at the beginning of the business cycle (where the big investment firms typically underwrite a public stock issue and capture the majority of the value), rather than at the retail end where the profits are minimal and the risks are the greatest. 

Industries such as farming, construction, entertainment, storage, automotive, high technology, nutriceuticals, medical diagnostics, software development, sports & recreation, robotics, manufacturing, agriculture, petrochemicals, energy, water purification, hydroponics, and waste management are but a few of thousands of possible growth areas that can benefit from licensing. 


This Acquisition Listing Platform facilitates the free-flow trade of licenses in a secure, membership-based, MLS-style exchange and business networking utility that matches buyers with sellers in a cost-effective and self-reinforcing business environment that is conducive to innovation and new capital formation. New millionaires and billionaires will be made through the BORN Advantage.  We are industry disruptors, literally changing the traditional business development paradigm. As was once quoted by Warren Buffett,


"If you don't find a way to earn money while you sleep, you will work until you die!"


Although recently established in 2018, the BORN Advantage by CAS Global Inc. is the culmination of over 46 years of practical business licensing expertise from the visionary mastermind behind the company. As an inventor, business owner, licensor, creator, project developer, researcher, and expert in the school of hard knocks, our leader has brought his lifetime of experience and business connections together into one massive project to help fellow inventors commercialize their inventions, more commonly known as intellectual property, by using leading-edge business licensing concepts to minimize risk and maximize return on capital. We provide endless opportunities for various third-parties to share in the capital formation of these projects as well as in their lucrative rewards.


For more information about the products, services, and licenses we provide, and to learn more about the team behind the scenes, enroll as a BORN Advantage member today. Our proprietary programs, concepts, and due diligence are available only to registered insiders. Entry level access is FREE to get started - just click the Log-in button to join. 


The BORN Advantage ALP is proud to showcase a selection from our listed catalogue of available licenses. Browse below to get a better idea of what we have to offer. Are you having trouble deciding on a purchase? Give us a call, one of our experts will be happy to lend you a hand and answer any questions you may have.


Exclusive rights to Indoor mini-golf entertainment within the BORN Business Development Park.

This is the License Description. This will be a short overview of the license opportunity including important features, pricing and any other relevant information for a potential acquirer.

Indoor and Outdoor Sports & Entertainment


BORN™ 101 Mall

Our version of a “strip mall” covered by the inflatable AirWise™ Structures, but devoted to 101 business kiosks that CAS Global either owns or supports. We require hundreds of staff members to work in the kiosks; seed capital to fund the development of the park; licensees to own the access rights; land bankers to find the land; and developers to build it.

Bo Jackson's Elite Sports Dome 1 -



Inspired by the MLS system used by realtors and their clients, the BORN Advantage ALP is built to enable you to acquire and divest of Intellectual Property Licenses, known as "Real Estate of the Mind". This platform allows business owners, entrepreneurs, speculators, financial firms, hedge funds, baby boomers, and others to purchase and resell IP Licenses through a frictionless,  open-market, e-commerce gateway.

Our built-in payment terms program allows buyers to leverage their IP license acquisition through an innovative non-obligated "mortgage-like" purchase agreement that is funded 90% out of actual product sales and 10% by cash deposit. This innovative new form of capital market formation enables the rapid commercialization of incredible business ideas by allowing anyone to participate in new business development, with greatly reduced risk exposure, and exceptional portfolio performance. 



This is where it all starts. As a potential license acquiror, you begin your search for the right acquisition here. Once registered and logged in to the Acquisition Listing Platform or ALP, you will begin searching for and conducting due diligence on hundreds of projects with tens of thousands of potential licenses that may suit your needs. Filters help refine your search with parameters best suited for your risk tolerance, interest, budget, and desired Return on Acquisition (ROA).



This is where it all comes full circle. As a license acquiror, you may eventually decide (after a 6-month minimum hold period) to divest your licence back to the BORN membership through this clearing house facility. You will state your asking price, terms, revenue history, and any special divestment conditions. Members will be notified and given a 72-hour option to acquire your licence. The BORN retains a first right of refusal on all listings, thereby providing additional liquidity.

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